Ambient Learning

Ambient, multimodal and context-sensitive lifelong learning

A survey commissioned by the European Directorate General Education and Culture, called "Lifelong learning: a citizen’s view" identified the main obstacles to lifelong learning: time and money.

“Although European citizens recognise the personal and social benefits of learning, they underline that lack of time due to job and family commitments is an important obstacle. […] This suggests that implementing lifelong learning effectively must find ways to enable people to combine activities in ways that suit them practically and personally”.

Objectives of the project

Exactly at the above identified obstacles start the AMBIENT LEARNING project. The objective of the project is to provide a pragmatic, easy-to-use eLearning service, which allows any time, any where and any how access to personalised, high quality learning content.

The AMBIENT LEARNING service is based on stable and mature technology and offers ambient, multimodal, personalised and context-sensitive access to learning at work, at home, at a training institution or on the move.

The main purpose of the project is the market validation of the AMBIENT LEARNING service by demonstrating the various services in four European (Italy, Germany, Greece, UK/Ireland) regions and therefore preparing the ground for successful market deployment.


Main distinguishing features

The main distinguishing features of the AMBIENT LEARNING services to other eLearning approaches are the following:

  • Multimodal Broadband Access which allows the user access to eLearning objects any time, any where and any how.
  • Context Management enables the provision of eLearning objects based on the context of the user.
  • Content Integration allows access to existing knowledge catalogues and eLearning resources.

Final Report

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The research project "Ambient Learning" is officially finished and the final report is available for download.

Final Report (ca. 5,2 MB)





Project finished

Officially the Ambient Learning project is finished. The results of the Market Validation were quite succesful. At the moment deployment activities are planned.
Please contact Bernhard Koelmel for further information:
Bernhard Kölmel

New call for proposals

"AmbientLearning" (eTEN 510749) is a partially funded project by European Community Programme eTEN. A new call for proposals has been published.

eTEN is the European Community Programme designed to help the deployment of telecommunication networks based services (e-services) with a trans-European dimension. It focuses strongly on public services, particularly in areas where Europe has a competitive advantage.

On 17 February the call for proposals 2006 has been published in the Official Journal (C040). The call for proposals is the main action under the work programme. The closing date of the call is 19 May.

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