Consorzio European Training and Service Centre Scarl

Company profile

Training Center Scarl
Via Menabrea, 18
Phone: +39  2 69007651

The mission of Training Center company is the planning and the management of courses with thematic arguments from the marketing to the digital communication, from the emergency to the quality, the tourism, the management of the human resources.

The main target is vocational training, which is innovation-led from the outset and is at the source of a growing number of products, services and networks for enhanced training at all levels and for lifelong learning. TRAINING CENTER SCARL supports a number of projects applying eLearning in the workplace, providing greater cost-effectiveness, flexibility and relevance for learning at work.

Role in the project

  • learning content provider
  • eLearning content producer
  • eLearning user interface

Previous research experience

The consortium operates in the field of the learning from various years, and has been realises several courses with European Social Fund (FSE) in Lombardia Italy region.


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