Steinbeis Transferzentrum
Management - Innovation - Technologie (MIT)

Company profile

Steinbeis-Transferzentrum (MIT)
Kienestr. 37
70174 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 - 1 83 97 94
 Dr. Günther Würtz

The Steinbeis Foundation (StW) is a provider of services in the field of concrete know-how transfer, vocational training, operating in affiliation with the government. The main emphasis is in the field of technology transfer, wherein the technological competence of StW is supplemented by business management problem solving potential.

StW is doing its business via socalled transfer centers (StZ), which are economically completely independent "profit centers" of different size and service orientation. STZ MIT is one of these transfer centers and is offering consultancy services in the area of innovation management. One of the main activities is the business process management, i.e. optimizing of business processes in relation to the introduction of eLearning.

Role in the project

  • learning content provider
  • eLearning content producer
  • eLearning user interface

Research experience

In this context, STZ MIT has taken part in several European and nationally funded projects in the past and has therefore established a lot of experience in the management of business processes for virtual enterprises: EU-funded project IMPACT (1997-1999): Innovation Management Promotion Action to improve Cost, Quality and Time. Installation of innovation management techniques in 25 SMEs in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and 15 SMEs in Alsace (France). Introduction of mainly business process reengineering methods in SMEs.EU-funded project DYNORG (1999-2001): Qualification concept for virtual enterprises and organisations: definition of all business processes between the virtual network of the companies, installation of rules for use, training of people for implementation.


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