Document Based Learning


Service employees which are mainly on external duty, have often no time and possibility to participate in standard training activities or state-of-the-art eLearning applications due to their different and often changing environments (different devices, different communication networks etc.). The AMBIENT LEARNING allows context-based access to important learning units, like new functionalities or services.

An example: Document Based Training

Mr. Fernando is a travelling salesman for a mechanical engineering company. His company is able to implement innovations quite quickly into the machines. Therefore Mr. Fernando can always offer highly innovative products, which are described in technical specifications.

Due to his extensive travelling with different means of transportation he needs to learn about the new functionalities of the machines using different modalities.

If he is travelling by train the technical specification is downloaded from the Intranet as a PDF-document to his Notebook. During the train-ride he has the chance to read the specification.

If he is travelling by plane, the technical specification is converted to a mobile accessible format and he can access the learning content on his PDA, while he is flying to the customer.

If he is on his way by car, he is informed about the main new features via TTS (text-to-speech).



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